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Mobile operator SingTel, Singapore

Mobile operator SingTel, Singapore.

Serving both the corporate and consumer markets, the SingTel Group is committed to bringing the best of global communications to customers in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

With significant operations in Singapore and Australia (through wholly-owned subsidiary SingTel Optus), the Group provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that include voice and data services over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms. - Бесплатная отправка смс и ммс сообщений на мобильные номера телефонов, практически всех операторов мира.

In Singapore, SingTel has had more than 128 years of operating experience and has played an integral part in the development of the city as a major communications hub in the region. In Australia, Optus serves more than six million customers. It has driven the competition as the challenger brand and led the way in technological innovations and breakthroughs.

Over the years, SingTel has grown to be a global player with a strong regional heritage. With one of the most extensive and advanced telecommunications infrastructure, the Group offers unparalleled reach in Asia and beyond.

SingTel’s highly developed international network provides direct connections from Singapore to more than 100 countries. It is a major investor in many of the world’s most sophisticated submarine cable and satellite systems. The Group is the second largest satellite operator in the Asia Pacific.

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